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Keto Drinks – What To Drink And What To Avoid

Among all low-carb diets, keto diet is the most restrictive one with a maximum of 20 grams of carbs per day. With a high amount of fats and moderate proteins, this helps you get into ketosis which is a metabolic state where the body relies on fats for fuel instead of sugar.

The beginnings of a keto diet are the hardest. On your first days, you will experience the keto flu where your body is adapting to the diet. Most of the symptoms in this period are related to dehydration.

In order to keep a safe mind and a healthy functioning body, you need to stay hydrated.

Water is perfect but if you are looking for something more fun to drink you can go for it. You just have to be careful with the carbs.

Your favorite beverage can be keto-friendly. You can enjoy it freely or maybe you have to give it up while you are on keto.

Pay Attention To The Size

When it comes to keto drinks, there some that you can enjoy freely, others must be avoided, and some drinks can be consumed in moderation.

For the last case, you should pay attention to the portions. For example, an average can of soda contains 11 grams of carbs.

Yes, you can drink the whole can freely but you have only 9 grams of carbs to spare for the rest of the day. The best thing to do here is to reduce the size.

This way you can still enjoy your beverage without getting out of ketosis.

Coffee On The Keto Diet

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, we have good news for you. You don’t have to give it up. However, if you are a sugar lover you have to make some changes.

Plain, unsweetened coffee is very welcome. Black coffee is keto-friendly too. It keeps focused, alert and has a lot of health benefits.

On the other hand, if you still have some cravings for sugar you can add heavy cream to your beverage and some sugar-free sweeteners. With these high amounts of fats, you get the perfect keto coffee.

For those who can’t live without a coffee creamer, heavy cream is a great substitute. Two tablespoons provide 0-2 grams of carbs.

On the other hand, adding milk to your coffee can be a problem. A simple glass of dairy milk contains 12 grams of carbs.

Tea On The Keto Diet

For a regular tea drinker, you might already know that tea itself is keto-friendly. Pure loose leaf tea contains almost zero carbs and provides extra benefits to boost your diet.

However, the hard part is when you are looking for a drink to enjoy. Some blend tea should be avoided on the keto diet. Mostly those with additional non-sugar-free sweeteners.

Green tea is the best option here. Not only because it is low in carbs but also because it is a great source of antioxidants. In fact, green tea combined with exercise enhances weight loss and provides other health benefits.

Just be aware of teas that may contain dried fruits or sugar derivatives. They can lead some unwanted carbs to your cup. In this case, always read the label before you buy the product.

Juices On The Keto Diet

Most of the juices are derived from fruits which are known for being high in carbs. This doesn’t make juices a good option for keto diet. A blueberry juice provides 17 grams of carbs. Cranberry juice? That’s roughly 30 grams.

Fortunately, there exists some low carb options. Diet or reduced sugar juices are keto-friendly. Along with some vegetable juices. To make sure you get the best option, read the label on the packages.

Smoothies On The Keto Diet

Smoothies usually contain high carb ingredients like fruits, yogurt, and honey. However, those who rely on smoothies for a quick meal have to make some changes on the keto diet.

The blended ingredients don’t have to be sweet. You can enjoy a delicious keto-friendly smoothie. Just be careful about measuring the ingredients.

Fat coconut milk, heavy cream, or coconut oil are low carb ingredients that can be included in the smoothies. In fact, they substitute fruits while providing several health benefits at the same time.

Here is a list of some great keto-friendly smoothies:

Protein Shakes On The Keto Diet

Fortunately, protein shakes are usually low in carbs and easy to prepare. They make the perfect breakfast on-the-go. Also, check the label before purchasing your protein powder. In fact, not all of them are low in carbs.

One scoop of protein powder with some water is enough, but if you want something more fun you can add some low carb foods to it. Heavy cream, macadamia nut, or some avocado can make a delicious meal.

However, keeping protein moderate is also important on the keto diet. Protein powder is obviously very high in protein. One scoop per day is enough. Especially when you are not eating proteins from regular food.

Alcohol On The Keto Diet

Adjusting to the lifestyle of the ketogenic diet requires discipline. Changes are difficult for everyone. However, if you are serious about the results you need to shift your whole view on alcohol.

Whether it is a night out or a happy hour with your friends, bars are not usually keto-friendly places. But, luckily, being on the keto diet doesn’t mean you have to give up alcohol. You just have to e careful with it.

Most alcoholic beverages like beers are filled with sugar. This is not good for dieters as it gets you out of ketosis temporarily. Also, you may get drunk faster on a keto diet, that’s why you need to be hydrated before you go for any drink.

Cutting off beer and wine is the best option but if you enjoy a few glasses occasionally you may opt for the healthiest options.

Liquors like rum, gin, tequila, and whiskey are the best options as they contain 0 grams of carbs. This doesn’t mean you can drink it freely. In fact, they may slow down your weight loss.

Other beverages that can be tolerated on keto only when consumed in moderation are Red wine, White wine, and light beer.

Soda On The Keto Diet

Soda has become crucial in every meal. We include it in everything because it adds an amazing taste to our foods. Some people drink diet soda to minimize health problems related to the regular one.

So, whether it is a regular soda or diet soda, are they keto-friendly?

Soft drinks combine carbonated water, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose… These ingredients provide a lot of carbs and can damage your health.

For this reason, you should avoid soft drinks. Take for example a can of Pepsi. It contains 30 grams of carbs which is above the minimum carbs tolerated on keto.

However, some diet sodas are OK if you drink them in moderation. They are low in carbs but still contain some artificial sweeteners. Bai5 Bubbles, Hint kick, and diet Pepsi, these are some examples of diet soda. You can enjoy them but in moderation.

Milkshakes On The Keto Diet

Just like smoothies, milkshakes, when prepared carefully, can make a great keto-friendly snack. The trick here is again with the ingredients. Since dairy milk is high in carbs, you have to opt for another type of milk. Almond milk, for example, is keto-friendly.

You can add some low-carb nuts like macadamia or pecans. Nut butter can be better in this case. Then a heavy cream on the top with some sugar-free sweeteners. This way, you get a milkshake low in carbs and high in fats.

Milk On The Keto Diet

Milk is not keto-friendly. However, there are a lot of milk alternatives that can fit into the diet.

For milk to be keto-friendly, it has to be low in carbs. Unfortunately, the natural ones are heavy in carbs.

Almond milk, Macadamia nut milk, And Flax milk. These are the best milk alternative for a keto diet. They provide less than 1 gram of carbs per cup. Therefore, they can be drunk freely.

Other alternatives can be consumed in moderation, such as Coconut milk, Soy milk, and Cashew milk.

The Bottom Line

The rule for keto drinks is simple: no sugar sweet and more natural substances (except for milk).

Make sure that you are always hydrated because most of the time the lack of water is what keeps you from achieving your fitness goals. Even during the keto flu, you can save so many headaches if you drink enough water.

Wondering what to eat on a keto diet?

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