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Keto Diet: What To Eat?

Our mommies used to make food choices and meal preparation seem so easy that our only shore was to just eat and enjoy it. Until we faced the truth of how much headaches we go through when we became responsible for our own stomachs.

Not to mention that if we start dieting, it will take more time and thoughts because we need to ditch most of our regular foods. That is why we tend to eat more junk food because it is not only delicious but also easy to get.

Everything said above applies also to the ketogenic diet. However, with our help on you can save so much time if you know what you should eat and what to avoid.

Here are some foods that you can eat on a ketogenic diet:


Avocados are a great source of healthy fats.

When thinking about the keto diet food list, avocado is a must not only because it is delicious but also because it is packed with nutrients like vitamins (*) and minerals (*) that improve health markers.

Not to mention that it contains higher amounts of monosaturated fats (*) which, proven by researchers help you trim your waistline.

Also, this green fruit is very low in carbs but high in fibers (*) and potassium (*) which are crucial to keeping your body function normally.

An analysis from NHANES 2001-2006 on adults has shown that people who consume avocado on a regular basis have lower risk of metabolic syndrome, low weight, and BMI(Body Mass Index)

Avocado provides the necessary nutrients to keep you trim and to get you fast into ketosis.

2.Fish And Seafood

Seafood and fish are known as the fuels of the brain because they are rich in essential nutrients like vitamin B (*) and vitamin D (*) which are crucial for energy production and concentration.

They are high in proteins (*) and low in both carbs (*) and fats (*) which make them great to stay lean and lose weight along the way.

A study performed by the “international journal of obesity” on two groups of adults; the first was dieting on fish and the other didn’t include fish in their diets.

The study documented a 2.2-pound difference in weight loss for individuals who ate three 5.3-ounce servings of lean or fatty fish per week in comparison to those who did not. 

Apart from being filled with proteins and containing low or, in most cases, no carbs, fish, and seafood are so important for the functioning of our brains and bodies.

Recommended use: At least 2X per week

3.Olive Oil

For a ketogenic diet, there are fats that will make you suffer (trans fats like hydrogenated oil) and others that are good for you which is monounsaturated fats. Olive oil is rich in these types of fats (*) which improves health markers and is considered one of the most important nutrients for the body.

Added to that, olive oil is very low in carbs (*) and high in potassium (*) which makes it a great option for boosting ketones and energy levels while maintaining a steady flow of fat-loss.

A study published by the European Journal of Nutrition on two groups of overweight adult women on a restricted diet. The first group had olive oil in breakfast with their shakes and the others had soybean oil.

Results have shown that the first group lost 80% more body fat than the second group in 9 weeks. This proves that olive oil is not associated with obesity.

A 1/4 cup of olive oil every morning with your breakfast won’t make much difference unless you stay consistent with it then you will find improvement in weight loss and your energy levels.


Eggs are high in protein (*) which makes it a great option to boost metabolism. Also, they are low in carbs (*) and high in healthy Cholesterol (*).

Although many people say that boiled eggs are the healthiest to eat, there is not so much difference if you scramble or bake or even poach them. The nutrients will always be the same (*).

A low-carb and high-fat food is what we need for a keto diet, but eggs should be eaten in moderation if you want to maintain a daily carbohydrate intake less than 50 digestible grams.

One study on two groups consisting of men and women documented that eating eggs (at least two eggs per day) on breakfast helps to reduce 65% more body fat than a breakfast without eggs.

Eggs are important for weight loss because they boost metabolism. Also, they are high in protein and low in carbs which makes them a great fit in a keto diet.

5.High-Fat dairies

Some dieters try to cut dairies from their daily caloric intake in order to lose weight but some studies show that it is a mistake. In fact, foods like milk, low-fat cheese, and greek yogurt are our main sources of calcium (*) which boosts weight loss when the body gets enough of it.

Also, dairies are high in protein (*) thus they make you feel full for longer periods. Don’t forget that they are also delicious and provide enough calcium (*) that can’t be replaced by supplements.

Most of the time, we think of them as bad food but they are, in fact, bad food that can help lose weight and contribute so much for a keto diet.

A study has shown that moderate consumption of high-fat dairies in the long term promotes a significant amount of fat loss.

High-fat dairies present the exact type of foods you need to eat on a keto diet. They promote weight loss and give you enough fat to get into ketosis.


Apart from being delicious, nuts are also packed with nutrients and antioxidants (*).

They are high in fats (*) and low in carbs (*) which makes them suitable to eat on a keto diet because they boost the metabolism for weight loss and increase the feeling of fullness at the same time.

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition documented that eating nuts in moderation reduce weight gain and lower the risk of obesity.

Many dieters relate nuts to weight gain. That can be true only when they are eaten excessively.

7.Low-Carb Vegetables

You can distinguish low-carbs vegetables from the other vegetables by how they grow. They are the ones that grow above the ground like tomatoes, bell peppers, Broccoli…

All vegetables are packed with nutrients, vitamins, calcium… but to choose the ones that are OK to eat on a ketogenic diet, the one with low carbs are good to go.

Not only they provide the necessary nutrients for the body but also they are optimal for keeping your daily intake of carbs below 50 grams since most of their carbs are fibers that are not digestible but absorbed by the body.

Vegetables are necessary for any diet but to avoid high carbs, which is the purpose of a keto diet, choose vegetables that grow above the ground.


You don’t have to cut all fruits on a keto diet. You can still enjoy berries because they are low in carbs.

Berries are a great source of antioxidants, fibers, and ketones. They get you faster into ketosis and regulate your appetite control to feel full for longer periods.

According to “the telegraph”, a study at Harvard Medical School has shown that eating berries: blueberries, strawberries… It can prevent weight gain even if you are eating the same amount of calories every day.

An OK amount of berries on a daily basis is suitable for a keto diet because it gives the body all the necessary nutrients to function normally and fight belly fat at the same time.

What To Drink


I can go on and on telling how powerful and important water is. To function normally, to be happy and even if you want to lose weight, you should drink a lot of water. It is rich in minerals (*) and can make you feel full if you struggle with controlling your appetite (*).

A study published in the Frontiers In Nutrition showed that increased hydration leads to bodyweight loss by boosting the metabolism due to expanding cell volume from water.

One galloon each day will be enough but try to drink small cups in the course of 24 hours.


Tea exists in hundreds or even thousands of variety from the east to the west all over the world but the common thing in all of them is that they contain a healthy substance called Flavonoids (*) known especially for freeing the stomach from oxidants and poisons.

Probably a cup of tea today won’t get you back to your skinny jeans, however, 3 or 4 months of consistent morning teas will make a huge difference.


If you are on a keto diet but still don’t want to cut your morning coffee, don’t worry you don’t have to. A cup of coffee is good for stimulation and energy but try to avoid sugar or milk in excess (a small amount won’t be harmful).

You can add butter or cream to your coffee for extra fat. However, a simple back coffee with no sugar would be ideal.

What To Avoid


Your total daily carbohydrate intake must be less or equal to 50 grams without fibers, that is why when you choose your meals try to avoid these types of food:

Pasta - 29
Chocolate - 60
Candies - 70
Bread - 46
Beer - 13


Try for the best to stay away from soda and alcohol. You can limit it to occasional glasses of wine but bear in mind that you may lose all the progress if you don’t drink in moderation.

Eat Whole Food

Whole foods are natural meals like the one we mentioned above. Candies, soda, pasta… are not a whole food and you should avoid them.

The purpose of eating whole foods is to keep you away from snacks because they are, usually, the main reason behind weight gain and obesity.

For Special Occasions

Eating on a keto diet doesn’t mean torturing yourself or saying no to night outs with your friends. Yes, you can eat on special occasions but of course in moderation and following some specific rules to not screw your diet.

Opt for a vegan choice on the menu

I am not vegan and I don’t push anyone to become vegan but what I’ve realized from eating in restaurants is that most of the time, if I am looking for a meal with fewer or no carbs, the vegan choice is always the best. Plus, it doesn’t slow the weight loss process and boost it instead.

Be careful with your alcohol consumption

Anything other than dry wine (red or white wine) is definitely going to be more than 50 grams of digestible carbs. A glass of beer can easily contain more carbs than what your daily intake on a keto diet. It is a no brainer that this would screw your diet.

What Is A Ketogenic Diet

A keto diet is similar to other low-carb diets in many ways. It is mainly a diet with low carbs and higher amounts of fat.

When you reduce your carbohydrate intake while increasing the amount of fat you eat, not to mention that the protein intake stays moderate and consistent, you put your body in a metabolic state called ketosis. At this stage, the fat, from your diet and from your body, will be burned into energy which has a lot of benefits on your performance as well.

Basically, on a keto diet, the body is fueled by fat instead of carbs which becomes converted into the liver by energy molecules called ketones. This is great to lose weight even while sleeping and without starving yourself.

The Takeaway

A keto diet does not mean starvation or cutting life’s biggest pleasure “food taste”, it is basically enjoying the healthy natural meals that are gifted to us.

Just Look at the list above, you will see that most of it seem appealing and delicious. You will never get bored or unhappy if you eat any of it.

To make sure you get the most of the results, add these 8 foods to your weekly meals plan and avoid the others.


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