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Welcome y’all! I’m Ben, an originally African guy with unfortunate genetics and a “TOUGH LUCK”, being able to achieve the shape of my dreams. Most days, you’ll find me in the gym lying on the bench, sweating on my last rep but able to draw a big smile on my face …

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Humans are just like Dogs. We love to play, to rest and when it comes to food, we all have our favorite meal, the more we get from it the happier we become. Although we might crave food like dogs, as humans with brains it is not a good idea to respond to every urge we get, especially when we are targeting weight loss.

A good diet plan is a key point for weight loss but it is not easy to change your eating habits overnight. Along the way, you will definitely experience some urges to go back and eat those delicious pancakes or just a bite of big burger that you always wanted.

To stop these cravings can seem overwhelming, but here are 7 simple ways to stop this urge.


I’ve talked about the importance of meditation in your everyday life in a previous article. If you haven’t checked it Yet you can see it here.

Since meditation strengthens the muscle of the mind, there is no wonder that it makes your act more reasonable and wise.

It consists of being aware in the present moment, avoiding distractions like phones, TVs,… that shift the focus from eating and instead automate it to make it harder to define hunger from cravings.

A study was done by North Carolina State University revealed that the people who practice mindful eating, which is a type of meditation designed for weight loss, on a regular basis lose on average 7 times more body fat than the people who just stick to a diet.

2.Drink More Water

The bottom line is water is extremely powerful and available with an abundance. I can’t stress enough on how important it is in, pretty much, everything.

Hunger comes when the stomach is empty, that is when it sends signals to the brain which immediately reaches out to cravings.

Water can help to fill that void in the stomach tricking the brain that it is still time for the next snack. Thus you avoid any unnecessary meal and eventually you lose weight more easily.

Water is the ultimate answer to everything. Try to discipline yourself to drink one gallon of water every day.

3. Make Your Meals Delicious

One of the things that I realized since I started dieting is that the less appealing the meal appears to be the more tendency I develop to eat outside. Over time, this resulted not only in extra fat in my body but also in a lot of money spent unreasonably.

Flavors can be bad for your health but if you there is a wide variety of healthy ones that if you add to your foods (in moderation) you will enjoy your food and stay healthy along the way.

A dry salad with some rice and sweet potatoes make a great lunch, but the taste can be bitter. If you add some olive oil to the salad, pepper to the sweet potatoes and some chilies to the rice, you will get a healthier and more enjoyable meal.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is as powerful as water. The time we sleep in is the time when we get balanced and revived. Good sleep is a must for a balanced diet since it gives all the energy needed for the body to be aware and to train effectively.

There are certain hormones released in the brain related to cravings, sleep deprivation causes fluctuations of these hormones which leads to more cravings throughout the day.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that people who get an adequate number of hours of sleep burn twice more fat than the ones who sleep less or more than the appropriate amount.

5. Exercise More

What if I tell that there is something in the world that can make you leaner, smarter and happier. These are the great things about exercising. It is available between every human’s hands.

60 minutes of daily exercising can wash away easily all the addictions, negative thoughts and more importantly CRAVINGS.

By releasing more dopamine than food in the first 20 minutes of your workout sessions, the body feels more pleasure from exercising. This is a great way to distract the mind from urges.

Scientists from Leeds University say that staying active is a “win-win” for those seeking to stay slim. Their study showed that people who were more active are less attracted to unhealthy food.

6. Eat More Casein Protein

Protein generally and casein protein especially is great to keep you full for longer periods. It fills the void in the stomach that the brain can be tricked that the body is not hungry.

Casein protein is a slowly digested food. It takes more time than the whey protein to get absorbed by the body. Once it is there it spreads all its nutrients all over the body to maintain and balance it.

This can be found in margarine, tuna, dairy-free cheese, cow milk, sour cream and other dairy sources of protein.

A study from the POUNDS LOST trial showed that people who added more protein to their diets had less tendency to eat fatty food than the ones who had less protein in their diets.

7. Listen To Your Cravings

It may seem controversial to listen to the things that you are avoiding the most but your cravings never lie.

The thing here that we are not hiding our cravings or running away from them, it is impossible. However, we need to manage them. The first step to do so is by identifying your urges and for this, you should listen to what your body says.

If your body wants salt, give it salt. If it wants sugar, give it sugar… All these signals are the combination of hormones released whenever a specific type of nutrient is missing.

The trick here is to use healthy foods to reduce the release of these hormones. For example, if your body craves sugar eat an apple (or any other sweet fruit)…

The Takeaway

The thing here is that we all have cravings, they exist in everything that we do in life, only humans have the power to stop it and you are one.

Everything you do, you do it better when you are aware.

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